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Whilst the signature traditional dish most associated with Scotland is undoubtedly the haggis within these pages you will also discover a great many other recipes which we believe will both tantalise and delight your taste buds. Though Scotland may be small in size it has at its disposal some of the finest and freshest natural ingredients available anywhere in the world and whether sourced from fertile farm land, remote mountain, rugged coastline or clear flowing river the produce is second to none.

With Aberdeen Angus beef, succulent lamb, venison, trout, salmon, shellfish, all manner of game birds such as pheasant and grouse allied to soft delicate summer fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants there can be no doubting the quality held within Scotlands larder and down through the generations the Scottish people have learned to make the most of what nature has provided them with in abundance.

So, without further ado, we take this opportunity to both welcome you to our website and invite you to explore our recipes at your leisure . . enjoy !